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You might not see her, but she is right here

This past weekend marked three years since my Mom passed away. A gift from my stepdaughter, a Christmas cactus, has evolved into a metaphor for my relationship with my Mom.

Thirty-third Sunday in ordinary time: Apocalypse is promise

Scripture for Life: The Book of Daniel and Mark's Gospel invite us into the apocalyptic mindset, a point of view that proclaims that the worst of times will give birth to the best of times. Apocalypse simply means revelation or "uncovering."

Catholic Extension gives emergency funding to help migrants at border

Catholic Extension has given $25,000 in emergency funding to a facility in the Diocese of El Paso, Texas, and is urging donors around the country to provide aid to meet the needs of migrants being released from detention daily.

Editorial: US bishops have yet to find their collective moral core

We say: The culture of the Catholic clergy and the state of the episcopacy have come under intense scrutiny as a result of the abuse crisis, but what happened at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' meeting is not encouraging.

Caravan from Central America receives rough reception in Tijuana

The first participants in the caravan of Central Americans arriving in Tijuana, Mexico, were met with hostility as residents of an affluent neighborhood confronted migrants wanting to camp on a beach near the border.

NCR Podcast: What happened at the US bishops' fall meeting?

Listen: Heidi Schlumpf and Michael Sean Winters talk about the bishops' conference fall meeting and what it means for a church in crisis. Dan Stockman explains what's next for Sr. Thea Bowman's cause for sainthood.

To immunize priests against clericalism, start with seminaries

NCR Today - A thousand suggestions and hints feed the presumption that clergy are set apart and above the laity. Stopping it seems to me the major objective if abuse is to end.

British archbishop apologizes for church's response to abuse survivors

A Catholic archbishop publicly apologized to the victims of child abuse during a government-backed inquiry that shed light on allegations against priests over half a century.

How we treat prisoners tells us who we are

NCR Today - The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is asking people to speak up on conditions at South Carolina's Lieber Correctional Institution. I made the call.

Bishops continue to define response to sex abuse despite Vatican call for delay

Signs of the Times: The U.S. bishops, meeting in Baltimore, felt their house was burning down, and the Vatican was asking them to delay turning on the fire hoses.