What is SCRIP?

 SCRIP is an ongoing program that raises money to benefit St. Bernadette School.  Did you know major retailers want to give our school money?  You can raise money for while you do your everyday shopping.  All you have to do is purchase gift cards from your favorite retailers and use them in place of cash, checks or credit cards for purchases you were going to make anyway!  Each card you purchase will raise 2-15% or more for our school.

 Gift cards are available from over 300 national and local retailers.  Groceries, clothing, dining out, home improvement, even gasoline can all be purchased through SCRIP.  By putting your regular household shopping dollars to work, you earn money for our school without spending a single additional penny!

 How does SCRIP work to benefit our Parish?

You purchase gift certificates to grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, specialty stores, etc. at face value.  The merchant then gives our school a percentage of the purchase price.   For example, if you buy a $50 Stop & Shop card, you get $50 worth of groceries – and Stop & Shop gives $2.50 to St. Bernadette School.  Buy a $25 Lands End gift card for school uniforms, and Lands End gives us $4.00!

These small amounts add up very quickly to give our school significant amounts of money.  We can receive much if many more families participate.

How does SCRIP benefit you?

You are supporting our school at no cost to you. You purchase what works for your family. You don’t have to buy wrapping paper or frozen cookie dough that you don’t really want. Gift certificates are easy to use at the store. And of course, they make great gifts! You can have a few on hand for birthday party gifts so you don’t have to run out at the last minute. You can plan ahead for holiday shopping, using certificates both to purchase gifts and to give as gifts.

 You can also earn Religious Education Tuition credits by using SCRIP. See the SCRIP Office for more details!

How do you use SCRIP?

You can purchase from our inventory on a walk-in basis. Stop at the SCRIP tables after Mass or come to the Parish Office from Tuesday to Thursday mornings from 10:00am to 4:30pm.

Special Orders

We want to make as many different gift cards available to you as possible.  We will carry the most popular ones in inventory, but we will special order anything available from our supplier.  

Go to www.glscrip.com, click on the tab “Retailer List” (or to go directly: http://www.glscrip.com/retailerlist/index.aspx) and choose whatever you want!  The list is huge!   Need a gift for someone out of town?  You can get a gift to a store or restaurant in their local area.  Going on a trip? There are many different hotel gift cards available.  Having a party?  Choose a great restaurant! Going to Disney?  You can pay for almost everything with the Disney Gift Card -- hotel, theme park admissions, merchandise, dining, etc. Just write in your choices on the order form and send us the form with payment.   

Click here for List of Retailers 

Have Questions?

 Please feel free to contact the Parish Office guardianangelsparish@yahoo.com 



Make a Difference! 

eScrip is fundraising made simple. That’s where eScrip comes in. Free to join, simple to use, nothing to track or sell - you simply fundraise every time you shop and dine out with your registered cards, or when you shop from our Online Mall. Start making a difference in your Parish today.

Click here for eSCRIP FAQ

Click here to sign up to join in with other parishioners to make our SCRIP Program great!