Parish Council Of Catholic Women (PCCW)

Every lady of the parish is invited to be a member of the Parish Council of Catholic Women. The council strives to meet the spiritual and social needs of its members as well as to raise money for charity and for parish projects. The council is divided into six commissions: Family Concerns, International, Legislative, Church, Organization and Community. They meet for social, spiritual and service projects. The entire council meets on the second Monday of the month (from August -December, March - May). The council puts on funeral dinners and serves sacramental and graduation receptions, as well as many other projects when called upon to help.

2017-2018 Presidents: Pam Antonelli and Elaine Musser


The National Council of Catholic Women: WHO ARE WE?

Women of Prayer and Action 

  The National Council of Catholic Women was established on March 4, 1920, under the guidance of John Burke, as an initiative of the Lay Organizations Department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference. The Bishops put forth a threefold purpose for this unified group. First, it would give a common voice to all Catholic women in the United States in matters of national welfare and issues of concern to the Church. Secondly, a large, unified, national group would ensure that national committees and national movements would recognize our Catholic values and principles, especially in the areas of religious, moral and general welfare across our country. In addition, the bishops felt that uniting the work of existing Catholic women’s organizations would enable greater service and have a greater impact in meeting the needs of our times. 

Today, members of The National Council of Catholic Women come from every corner of our country, both individual members and affiliated Catholic women’s groups. Membership is open to ALL CATHOLIC WOMEN in the United States. We are married, widowed and single Catholic women living in cities and rural farming communities, suburban towns and retirement villages. 

The National Council of Catholic Women acts through its membership to support, empower and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. NCCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world. 

The Structure

National CCW: This is responsible for Policy, Governance, and Direction.

Province CCW: This gathers Regional Information to help National Discussions and Decisions.

Arch/Diocesan CCW: At this level, all actions for the works of CCW begin and are implemented.

Deanery/Vicariate CCW: Helps with local level Leadership Development, and also serves as a conduit for information.

Parish CCW:  Here is the heart of the organization where the programs change lives, the issues have faces, and the initiatives become a reality. 

Based on the National Council of Catholic Women’s Website:  NCCW.org