What is eSCRIP

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What is eScrip and How Do I Sign Up?

What is eScrip? An easy way for you to direct money to the parish while doing the shopping you already do.

Shop online? Simply go through the eScrip online mall to do the very same shopping you already do (Amazon, Best Buy, Gap, Hannah Anderson, Expedia, The Children’s Place, and MANY more). Again, at no additional cost to you.

Shop at other grocery stores or dine out a lot? Simply register your credit/debit cards with eScrip and money will be sent to the parish every time you patronize participating merchants. See attached for a full listing. Again, at NO additional cost to you.

We could potentially earn a lot if many parishioners participate in the eSCRIP/SCRIP Program. The great thing is that it doesn’t cost anything and it’s totally effortless once you’re set up.

Sign up for eScrip

It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s FREE! Visit the eScrip home page and simply click on sign up:

  1. Identify our parishl – Search by Group ID (500826585), or Group Name (Guardian Angels), or Zip Code (54615), then click on Guardian Angels
  2. Enter your Credit and/or Debit cards

See the list of eScrip Online Mall Merchants