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An open door

Pencil Preaching for Sunday, August 25, 2019

Woman chosen to lead Religions for Peace as others urge greater female visibility

On the same day that a prominent woman urged greater inclusion of female leaders in Religions for Peace, delegates to the 10th World Assembly of the interreligious global organization elected their first woman secretary-general.

Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time: Who locked the door?

Scripture for Life: God loves diversity. That means God's glory cannot be glimpsed without appreciating the variety of people, cultures and creatures populating the universe.

Bono and Guggi: A friendship based on art, punk rock and Jesus

"Myself and Bono, we weren't like the other kids in the street and we knew we weren't," Guggi told Religion News Service recently during "My Cup Overflows," an exhibit of his new works at Arcane Space, a gallery in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles co-owned by Morleigh Steinberg, wife of U2 guitarist The Edge.

Vermont bishop releases list on claims, says church 'must remain' vigilant

Bishop Christopher Coyne of Burlington Aug. 22 released the names of 40 priests who served in Vermont and were credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor or vulnerable individual since 1950.

Latin American bishops urge action to save burning Amazon rainforest

"Crying out to the world for solidarity," leaders of the Latin American bishops' council urged international action to save the Amazon rainforest as massive fires continued to burn.

US bishops should drop everything and focus on preventing schism

Distinctly Catholic: Changes in technology allow groups like LifeSiteNews and Church Militant to spread their divisiveness, so the seeds of schism might sprout more quickly and more comprehensively than before.

Explainer: Trump and the politics of the Messiah

Does President Trump have a Messiah complex? No, according to some of his most loyal evangelical Christian supporters — but one could see how he might get the idea that he is here to save the world.

Your thoughts on the real presence, part two

Your thoughts: More readers responded to the recent article on a Pew Research study that shows that a majority of U.S. Catholics do not believe church teaching about the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Pope's quotes: Finding faith

Pope's quotes: "God treats us in the same way: He does not indulge our desire to immediately and repeatedly change the world and other people."