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New book examines Christianity during 'the plague that shook the Roman world'

In Pox Romana, author Colin Elliott looks at the effects of the Antonine plague on the Roman Empire and the place held by Christians in the tumultuous society.

Baltimore Archdiocese finalizes plan that will reduce city parishes by half

The Archdiocese of Baltimore revealed the final plan May 22 for parish planning in Baltimore City, with 23 parishes at 30 worship sites, about half the current number of churches available for Sunday Mass.

Tech leaders discuss AI and well-being at Vatican conference

Scholars, tech experts, and business leaders gathered at the Vatican for a two-day conference to discuss artificial intelligence, integrating emerging technologies and advancing the good of humanity.

Three Catholic bishops and a nun walk into the White House. Here's why it's no joke.

We commit grave harm against ourselves through environmental destruction and we go against God's plan for us.

Your letters: Harrison Butker, traditionalism, and 'trad wives'

Letters to the editor: NCR readers respond to stories about Harrison Butker's commencement address at Benedictine College, NCR's staff editorial on AP's coverage of traditionalism in U.S. Catholicism, and the 'trad wife' movement. 

The tawdry Trump trial that never ends

The "end of regime" sensibility of our political discourse may actually just be an "end of Trump" sensibility, writes NCR columnist Michael Sean Winters.

Author: Power doesn't have to be a dirty word for Christians

Ann M. Garrido's new book describes a spirituality of power for anyone trying to create change. In an interview with NCR's Heidi Schlumpf, Garrido explains what people could learn about the healthy and holy exercise of power from Scripture.

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity: A call to contemplation and action

Scripture for Life: A community that lives mission will be an ever-growing and changing image of God in our world.

Pastoral pope shines through in CBS News' interview

In Norah O'Donnell's TV interview, the pope "smiled, he gestured, he laughed, his eyes sparkled," Thomas Reese writes. CBS "has given the American people a unique opportunity to see the pope as he is, unfiltered."

Q&A with Laudato Si' Movement's Susana Réfega, on global elections, fossil fuel treaty and more

Susana Réfega, executive director of the Laudato Si' Movement, discusses acting on Pope Francis' call for the church to engage challenges facing the world today, primarily climate change and threats to biodiversity.