2020-21 Rel. Ed Prog Calendars

I warmly welcome all of you again back to this year's Religious Education Program. Below, please find this year's Religious Education Program Calendars for the two Churches.

Catechists and Parents, please find this year's Religious Education Program Calendars. There will be in total 4 Weeksends when there will be no teaching and learning in the course of this school year. These Weekends are the Christmas Octave and the Holy Week. All other weekends will attract teaching and learning, both in-person and virtual/Online. All weekends with No Classes attached to them on the Calendar means there will be no in-person learning; in this case, all classes during those weeks will be virtual/Online.

We entreat parents to help the Catechists with the educational efforts of their students, especially when it comes to the virtual/Online learning and the given-assignments.

Thank you all for all that you do to educate our young parishioners.

Rev Fr Emmanuel Stella Famiyeh