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Charles Curran remembers Hans Küng

Appreciation: I am grateful for the pastoral ministry he showed me in a time of need, when I was in a controversial position in the eyes of the Vatican, just has he had been.

In the fight against racism, reparations are not the answer

Distinctly Catholic: A politics aimed at alleviating the ill-effects of racism is highly moral, and the "justice" offered by reparations is a veneer. Black Americans and others who face the injustices of racism deserve more than that.

Your thoughts on remembering Hans Küng

Your thoughts: NCR readers remember Hans Küng, the celebrated and controversial Swiss theologian, who died April 6 at his home in Tübingen, Germany, at age 93.

What Jesus' resurrection teaches us about how to live after the pandemic

Young Voices: Christ's resurrection is more than a symbol of faith; it's a model of rebirth for all of us. It shows the resilience of God — and of God in humanity — during a time of violence and turmoil.

Editorial: Catholics cannot support voter suppression, even under the guise of being pro-life

We say: The most basic and universal way that nearly everyone or at least the largest possible number of Americans can participate in public life — as Gaudium et Spes says is necessary — is by voting. Why try to reduce participation?

Former campus minister at Franciscan University indicted on rape charges

A former campus minister at Franciscan University of Steubenville has been charged with rape and sexual battery against an individual with mental illness placed under his care for mental health treatment.

Colombian church groups mobilize to help newest Venezuelan refugees

Church groups in Colombia are mobilizing to support thousands of Venezuelan refugees who recently fled a military offensive and are stuck in a remote Colombian border town.

Vatican Observatory launches podcast, new website

The podcasts are available on several platforms and they feature one of the pope's own Jesuit astronomers speaking with a notable figure in the world of space exploration or science.

University to change some procedures after report on composer David Haas

An independent investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Catholic composer David Haas in the years he held summer music programs at St. Catherine University in St. Paul shows that some members of Haas' Music Ministry Alive team found his conduct uncomfortable, or were aware of "general comments" about his behavior.

'Profound evil' of abuse must be eradicated, Pope Francis tells symposium

Pope Francis hopes that by bringing together people from "various fields in order to share research, clinical and pastoral experiences and best practices, the symposium will contribute to a greater awareness of the gravity and the extent of child sexual abuse and promote more effective cooperation at every level of society in eradicating this profound evil."